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Our Field to Your Table

A local, seasonal source for cut flowers and free-range eggs in Fort Worth, Tx.

At Bowlee Farm, we know that you want to live a more intentional life by being more confident in, and connected to, the items you bring to your table.  You want to be able to know your family is getting safe and healthy options and you want to know more about where those items are coming from.  

  • Safe for your family.   We only use natural products to care for our flowers.

  • Low environmental  impact.                     We take great care to use sustainable farming practices, while limiting our energy usage and waste.

  • Local lasts longer.      We harvest and deliver within a day so you can be sure your blooms will be as fresh as possible.

  • Unique Blooms.    

       Our field is full of a wide                     variety of flowers and foliage             typically only found locally.

  • Most nutritious for your family.           Studies show eggs from free range hens have higher levels of vitamin A, D, E and Omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Natural Care.            

          We never use antibiotics  or               chemicals to care for our                     flock.

  • Happy Hens.          

       Our ladies are free to leave                 their coop to roam and feast               around the farm just as they               were created to do.

  • Know the source.       We want you to have confidence in the things you bring to your table so we think being connected to where those things are grown is a great place to start.

  • Know the grower.      We'd love to meet you and believe that connection can create trust in our shared value of providing the best for your family.

  • Support Community.          Choosing to shop local supports your neighbors and creates a stronger, more connected community.

  • Grow your Relationships.           

          Our goal is to provide                        products and experiences                  that will create deeper , more             intentional, connections                   between you and your loved             ones.

What people are saying

Jen & Randy are so kind & hospitable, and they have such a beautiful selection of flowers. We really enjoyed our visit and getting to cut our own pick of flowers. 

—Angela A

Choose from our market bouquet options, a dozen eggs, or contact us about our U-pick.

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Enjoy knowing you are living a more intentional life with your purchase.

How to Bring Our Field to Your Table

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