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Making the intentional choice to feed our families the most nutritious foods available naturally leads to the question, “where do I find the most nutritious foods?”  Living in a large city, finding a source close to home can feel little overwhelming.  At Bowlee Farm, we understand that so we want to provide a local source for the most nutritious eggs you can find.  


Studies have proven the eggs of pasture-fed, or free-range, chickens have higher levels of Vitamin A, D, & E as well as Omega-3 fatty acids.  The extra beta-carotene give the yolks the deeper yellow, almost orange color.  


We have happy hens who are free to roam around the farm all day spreading their wings and foraging just as they were created to do. We use natural methods to care for our ladies, never harsh chemicals or antibiotics. 


Get a dozen, or two, or more, and feel good about feeding your family the best.  


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