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Flower Care

Local Flowers Last Longer

Having your flowers harvested at the freshest point possible means you should get the longest vase-life. 


Follow these tips to extend the life of your blooms:


  1. Once cut, flowers do best when kept out of direct sunlight, in a cool place.

  2. Keep flowers away from ripening fruits and vegetables

  3. Fresh flowers drink lots of water, so check daily and top off water as needed.

  4. Leaves and foliage will dirty the water.  Make sure to remove any that could be below the water level

  5. Use a clean vase, one that is l clean enough to drink out of.  

  6. Treat the water with a floral preservative containing sugar, and a few drops of bleach for flowers that dirty the water quickly like zinnias,  mums, and Black-eyed Susans

  7. Every few days recut the stems using sharp snips and remove any flowers that have expired

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