Currently, over 80% of the cut-flowers Americans enjoy are shipped in from other countries. That means flowers are picked often times weeks in advance and in some cases sprayed with chemicals to extend their life. 


Making the intentional choice to seek out flowers that are the freshest and safest for your family can be a challenging task—especially in a big city.  At Bowlee Farm we understand that, and want to make it easier by providing you with a local source for cut flowers that you can trust. 


We only use natural products to treat our flowers as well as sustainable farming practices that minimize waste and have low environmental impact. Our field is a place beneficial pollinators thrive. 


We understand intentional living with flowers can look different for everyone so we offer three opportunities: market bouquet, DIY buckets, and U-pick.  

Market Bouquets

Market bouquets are perfect for the person who wants vase-ready flowers for their own table, or who gifts flowers as way to connect with loved ones. 


Our market bouquets are available as a weekly subscription for 6 weeks, March-May, or as a special order--depending on availability.  



Our U-pick days are for the kind of person who wants a full experience of the floral design process from choosing flowers, harvesting, and then creating an arrangement.  


On select evenings in the summer we open the flower field for guests to have the opportunity to make connections: with our farm, with us, and the community.  


We’ll also host private events for those wanting to create intentional moments with loved ones, including small groups and clubs.  


The best way to get more info on our U-Pick option to sign up for our updates, or follow us on Instagram.

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DIY Bucket

Our DIY buckets are filled with a mix of seasonal greenery and flowers, ideal for the person who wants the fun of creating their own floral designs.  


Want a fun way to spend intentional quality time with family and friends? Imagine visiting and laughing over buckets of flowers designing for your own homes or making flower gifts to share.


DIY Brides, we would love help you achieve the vision you have for your special day.


Contact Us for availability. 



We love working with local designers and have a page dedicated especially to them.

To learn more about what we are growing and how the process works please check out our Designers page.


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