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Meet the Bows of Bowlee Farm

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A little about us...

Hey there, we are Randy and Jen Bow, the growers at BOWLEE Farm.


Living in a large city can sometimes bring the challenge of knowing where to start the journey of living intentionally.  We understand, we’ve been there too. Which is why we’re revitalizing our family’s 50 year old small acreage farm in Ft. Worth, Texas. 


Randy grew up on the farm then left for college to study agriculture. He began a career in agriculture research over 20 years ago which had him working as close to home as Stephenville, Texas and as far as the Limpopo Province in South Africa.  

When one of our girls was a toddler she battled a chronic illness at the same time Jen’s dad battled colon cancer.  In that season, we were faced with needing to be very intentional about what we brought to our table. Our family was propelled on a journey of searching out the safest and most nutritious options. We began to connect with local growers and producers. Visiting their farms and shops, created trust and confidence in them and their products. When finding a local source wasn’t easy, often times we grew, or made, our own products.  


It didn’t take long before we wanted to live more intentional beyond simply what we ate or the products we used.  We wanted to be deliberate with our time, our relationships, and our money.  Which, for us, looked like using our time and money to support our local community and making connections by inviting more people to our table.


We carried those practices to our years living in South Africa and learned even more about the value of being intentional in our connections with people.     


Randy’s back home ready to take all we’ve learned and create experiences for family and friends to grow deeper in their relationships, and have a local source for safe and healthy products. We’re also excited to collaborate with other local businesses and invest in our community.  


We couldn’t be more grateful for our supportive family who jumps in to help where ever they can.  Our son manages our eggs, and the grass.  The girls take care of all the technology and business side of things. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins fill in the gaps and cheer us on.  


We’re glad you’ve stopped by. Hope to see you around the farm.  

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